Independent strategist, creator, and designer. Based in Sweden. The west coast.


I am a strategist and a creator at the core, focusing on lateral thinking combined with visionary insights.

My work is to create change and growth through brand development. The basics are to listen, think, talk, and make. A strategic mindset with a tactical drive. With that, I change the perception of what is possible and create actions out of ideas, working at the intersection between brand, technology, organization, and business connecting the dots between now and tomorrow.

With a keen eye for human behaviours and with a focus on the why in every part of the way forward I help brands, and the people within, transform into new shapes.


Digital Marketing & Communication, Brand & Design, Culture & Change, Product & Service Design


SAS, Volvo Cars, Sigma, Volvo Trucks, Stena Recycling, Göteborgs Energi, Volvo AB, Västtrafik, Elektron Music Machines, Essity, SCA, BillerudKorsnäs


A middle-aged father from Sweden. Music is key.


Ovanbeck Records is an independent music company. We started out in 2002 as a platform to create, play, and produce music. We have an eclectic mostly electronic taste in music. Online sales of music since 2003. Itunes contract since 2006. Made our first Livestream online concert in 2008 using beta Bambuser technology. Distribution to over 60+ music services globally.

Le Truc is an arts & crafts shop that sells bespoke and renovated furniture.



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