This is just great fun. Hours of turning knobs and distorting drummachines. Just like when you are in the studio but this is online. Audiotool has updated their great app to 1.0. And that gives us lots of new stuff to play with. I just love the graphics on the mixers, pedals and synth.

Some info from the Audiotool team:

“We are proud to release Audiotool 1.0 Firestarter, a music making online platform.

Two years ago we started with a simple idea: Everyone should be able to make music online through their browser without the need to install any additional software. This proof of concept was a great success and since then we have continually updated Audiotool with new features, as well as, pocketing a Red-Dot Award and a German Design Award.

However we have never considered any of the updates worthy of the being the 1.0 release, until now.

You just have to try this, check it out at


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